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San Tan Piano Club

An Innovative Program Designed for Fast Progress and Easy Home Practice


A New, Streamlined Approach to Learning Piano

Students in San Tan Piano Club are given additional lesson time and learn their music at their lessons. This is in contrast to most music lessons, in which students are sent home to learn their music on their own. In addition, the intuitive approach used in this program makes learning feel easy. Students naturally progress faster through their books. In the studio, they can focus better, and under the supervision of their teacher, they learn their music right the first time.

San Tan Piano Club Solves the Infamous Practice Problem.

With most music lessons, students must learn their music at home. Sometimes these students don't know what to do, or they learn their music wrong and have to redo it the following week. But more often, it’s just hard “piano homework.” Parents don’t like nagging their kids to practice. All of this causes frustration for everyone, which can eventually lead to quitting.

In San Tan Piano Club, when our students leave their lessons, their songs are finished. At home, they simply play through these songs. Practice is so much easier. No more frustration.

Additional Benefits:

  • Improved sight-reading. This important skill helps students learn music quickly.

  • Students gain confidence in their learning skills. This program promotes independence in students. They learn to self-direct their learning.

  • Games. Our students love sharpening their sight-reading skills by playing music games on tablet.

  • Making friends. Students have opportunities to make friends with other students.

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