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Nat Greer was a great piano teacher for my son Lucas. We are so thankful that we found someone so knowledgeable in music as well as being so talented. He was patient and assertive in his teaching techniques.
- H
elen T.

Mr. Greer demonstrated the utmost professionalism in teaching our daughters piano. His talent and dependability helped lay a solid musical foundation for them, and I am grateful.
- Jaimee G.

I really learned a lot from Nat! He was a great teacher, always really patient and helpful! I would definitely recommend Nat to other people, whether they are just a beginner or already have experience. It's been easy to learn other instruments because he taught me how to read sheet music. Even after I moved and wasn't able to take lessons from him anymore, I still played piano a lot. It's also really fun to learn songs that I actually want to play on the piano.
- Kat G.

My children and I had an exceptional experience with Nat Greer as our piano teacher. He is very patient with young new piano students, and easily created an atmosphere of learning that my kids enjoyed. Nat willingly took me on as an adult student and helped improve on my piano skills in a short amount of time. We highly recommend Nat as he is professional, urges his students to do their best, and genuinely has a love for music.
- Kari T.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Nat Greer as a piano teacher. I will start by saying that Mr. Greer has a calm, kind disposition. He is positive, patient, and friendly. For many years Mr. Greer has played piano and organ at his church. He is more than just someone who can play. He has a deep love and understanding of music. I have heard him play on many occasions. He is much more than someone who can play the piano and the organ. He is truly gifted.

Our teenage son received piano lessons from Mr. Greer for several years. He provided a quiet, clean environment for his lessons. At first, I was a bit doubtful that anyone could keep my son's interest long enough for him to learn. My concerns quickly faded in the first few months as I watched my son's mild interest in piano develop into a full love of music. Mr. Greer quickly developed a great connection with my son. I never had to drag my son to lessons. He really enjoyed going.

Mr. Greer is great at assessing his students. He started our son right at his level. Mr. Greer was able to see when our son was struggling and when he was excelling. He consistently adjusted our son's music lessons accordingly.


Our son was given homework to take home every week. Mr. Greer tailored the amount and type of homework to each of his students. Our son enjoyed practicing because he didn't feel overwhelmed. If Mr. Greer could see that he wasn't being challenged enough, he would give him more challenging work.


Mr. Greer kept in touch with us as parents. We always knew how our son was doing and what his assignments were each week. We felt that Mr. Greer was very honest and straightforward with us. I was very impressed with how he handled his fees for classes. His prices were very fair for the quality of the instruction he offered and the experience he has.

I have always believed the old adage "it takes a village to raise a child." As parents, we strive to expose our children to the best people and richest learning environments. We feel extremely fortunate to have Mr. Greer as part of our village!

- Keira M.

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