Piano Lessons Kids (and Adults) LOVE!


Piano lessons in this studio are taught using a unique, intuitive methodology that has been adopted by many studios. This methodology makes learning feel easy. In addition, students learn their songs at their lessons, not at home. All of this results in two key benefits:

  • The practice problem associated with traditional lessons is solved. Since the songs are learned at the lesson, practice at home is a breeze. No frustration, no redoing songs learned incorrectly, and no nagging to practice.
  • Students progress notably faster through their books. They can play their favorite songs sooner after beginning lessons.

 There are additional benefits. Students:

  • quickly become excellent sight-readers.
  • become independent learners.
  • have much better retention.
  • gain confidence.

The lab aspect of the program offers these benefits:

  • opportunities to make new friends,
  • unlimited make-up lessons, and
  • flexible scheduling.


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